Serving peace of mind to the Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Cave Creek, & Carefree Areas.

Concierge Home Watch Services

Have a second home in the Scottsdale area? We provide home check-ups, reports, and regular maintenance for those living far away. Your peace of mind starts here.

Book Your Home Watch Services

Ready to employ our home watch services? Contact us today to get scheduled. You will have a response back with 24 hours with a scheduled date and time to go over details.

For the Peace of Mind that You Deserve

As the owner of a second home, you are not always local, and thus unable to personally check up on your home or perform regular maintenance. How do snowbirds keep their second homes in pristine condition? They employ a trustworthy concierge home watch services team like ArDan.

We check in on your investment home regularly, send you a monthly written report on any updates and changes, and perform necessary maintenance and repair services.

  • Weekly Interior & Exterior Walkthroughs

    We visit your investment home regularly to inspect the interior and the exterior, as well as provide any needed pest control, debris removal, security inspections, vehicle checks, pool maintenance, landscaping, and more.

  • HOA Compliance

    Our services familiarize themselves with your specific HOA requirements, and then proceed to keep your second home in compliance with said rules and regulations to provide you with peace of mind.

  • Next-Day Emergency Response

    Our services visit the day after any emergencies, such as storms or power outages, and verify everything at your second home is just as it should be. If there are any problems, we take care of them immediately.

  • Monthly Reports

    You will receive a detailed monthly report documenting all of our findings, regularly schedule maintenance, and any suggested extra services that may be needed. We including photos so you can see how well your home is with your own eyes.

reliable. Professional.

You can trust your home to ArDan.